Take That – Video Jackets


Take That are back on tour to the delight of their fans and just before kicking off in Sunderland they presented a tough challenge to us: make 5 video capable LED stage costumes in record time for the first performance. No sane person would take such a project on, but we do like the odd 72h shift and assembled a dream team of engineers, product designers and fashion specialists and got to work.

This turnaround time was only possible thanks to a technology that we have developed for quite some time now: a video capable full colour LED pixel especially designed for wearable applications. Together with a new miniature video player this is the wearable technology that the electronic fashion community has been waiting for for decades: a durable, practical solution for video fashion that can be applied to any textile surface.
A big thank you goes out to Take That and their team and to James Long, this collaboration was truly delightful and the result is a significant step forward in the history of fashion technology.
Take That video jacket

Gary Barlow performing during the Take That tour

Take That video jackets during Sunderland gig

Take That video jackets during Sunderland gig

Take That video jacket close-up

Take That video jacket during tests in the studio

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