Swarovski – The Chandeliers

Ron Arad - Lolita

Ron Arad – Lolita

Ron Arad’s concept was Moritz Waldemeyer’s debut piece in the design world. Taken from a simple sketch to a working chandelier in a mere 4 weeks it was the talk of town during the Milan Design Week 2004. The chandelier receives text messages and displays these along its spiral shape. This chandelier is now considered a design classic and has been shown in museums and exhibitions around the world. It was re-engineered from the ground up for the Swarovski Crystal Palace exhibition at the London Design Museum in 2012.

Ron Arad - Miss Haze

Ron Arad – Miss Haze

Several collaborations followed, story like Ron Arad’s ‘Miss Haze’ – a luxurious doodle pad that allowed visitors to draw images into the crystals via bluetooth from a handheld Palm computer.

Ron Arad - Miss Haze with Palm computer

Ron Arad – Miss Haze with Palm computer

Voyage by Yves Behar

Voyage by Yves Behar

Yves Behar’s design was sponsored by Bombay Sapphire and it was on display at New York’s JFK airport. Waves of blue light were running through its twisted shape reacting to the flow of people passing below.

FredriksonStallard - Pandora

FredriksonStallard – Pandora

FredriksonStallard presented a particularly difficult challenge with their ‘exploding’ chandelier concept. All crystals are moved as if by magic to go from a classic chandelier shape to chaos and back.

FredriksonStallard - Pandora

FredriksonStallard – Pandora

Andre Putman - private commission

Andre Putman – private commission

Andre Putman was looking for the most elegant possible solution to create a sheet of crystal in space with LED illumination along the edge. The resulting installation is at home in an elegant private residence that was completely designed by Andre Putman.

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