Moritz Barcelona + ModaFAD

Model inside old beer tank with bats

Following the invitation of ModaFad to participate in their grand fashion extravaganza at Fabrica Moritz Barcelona,  we assembled a team of the world’s top martial arts talent: Chloe Bruce, buy Steven Coleman and Adam Rae. The just recently inaugurated Jean Nouvelle masterpiece proved to be the perfect backdrop for our mix of young fashion,  light design and world class swordsmanship. The fashion audience was blown away by the display of Chloe’s explosive energy, Steve’s expert weapon’s routines and Adam’s artful choreography in a life performance. Behind the scenes we interacted with the incredible structures and textures of the brewery to create a completely new take on architectural photography. You can find more photographs in the project gallery.

Moritz Barcelona space with colour traces

performance area with wushu light traces

catacombs with bats

Model during ModaFAD at Moritz Barcelona

Model inside old beer tank with bats

Steven Coleman performing martial art stunt on the roof terrace of hotel Barcelo’ Raval



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